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Web Application Development

Web applications offer device independence and cross-platform compatibility. Using smartphones, tables or any internet-connected devices you can connect and use applications that run in a web browser. Web application development is our core specializations. Our experience in this area allows us to provide customers with superior quality solutions and products.




Desktop application development

Depending on your needs we can design computer programs which can help you with many day-to-day activities and let users create and manage information supporting your business processes.




Database Software

With custom database software your company can create own information management applications. Custom database software gives the power to the user to create own input forms to collect data or create reports for analysis.




Legacy systems integration

Legacy systems remain in use because of their value and knowledge acquired over their lifetime. However, maintaining these systems is not only expensive but it also prevents further growth of the company. We can help you to solve problems with old infrastructure and provide solutions to streamline processes and reduce the risk of failure of these systems.





Translating data into meaningful information helps companies to understand how different areas of business are performing. We have experience in developing reports using several different frameworks including Crystal Reports, Cognos BI and SQL Server Reporting Services.




Analysis and Consulting

We provide a wide range of business analysis services which start with understanding of customer problem to implementation of a unique solution which often includes a system development or integration component. Have one of our team members join your team as a mentor to guide you through several or all stages of your software development cycle.




Maintenance and Support

We ensure that your new software runs reliably with maximum uptime. Our support team will provide answers within one day to technical support questions for any software developed by CBBSOFT.




Business process automation

Using information technology we can help your company to reduce the cost in time and money carrying out common business processes by minimizing manual intervention involved and replacing it with software which may integrate several different processes.


It takes only 3 easy steps to see how we can help you with your next project. There are no fees for talking to us about your project or receiving a project proposal. Try our services for free.

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    Get in touch with us by sending an email, filling an online form or by calling us on +1 (306) 920 8334.

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    When you are ready to share with us more information about problem you are trying to solve we will discuss and asses your project needs.
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    You will receive project proposal with time and cost estimates for review. In this proposal you will find preliminary plan of actions and what you can expect from us. After reviewing this proposal you will make decision if CBBSOFT is suitable for your project and if you would like us to help you.
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Pricing Models

CBBSOFT provides advantageous, cost-effective and secure software programming services in many different areas. Whether you plan to set up a simple online store or considering a complex business solution, our team can help you achieve your goals. You can choose from a list of standard models, taking into account the requirements of size, delivery and complexity of the project. We are very flexible in creating custom pricing models to meet the precise commercial needs of our clients.  Our pricing is transparent and typically based on service delivery milestones.

ModelBenefitsWhen to useProject Size
Fixed Cost and Scope
  • Fixed Price
  • Fixed Time
  • Low Risk
  • Predictable Outcomes
  • Duration of the project is in days or few months
  • Requirements are clear and specified in detail
  • Scope of the project won't change
Ideal for small or some medium scale projects
Time/Budget Cap
  • Direct involvement in the project
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible
  • Person / hour price calculation
  • Projects are spread out through several months/years
  • Requirements are not clear and may change over time
  • Requirement of high degree of flexibility
Ideal for medium and large scale projects
Custom Flexibility of a “pick and mix” approach Combination of any of the previous models Any